The Einstein Factor Review

einstein-factorI have probably read hundreds of invention books over the years, and I still come back to The Einstein Factor on a regular basis for its directness, ease of application, fun and originality.

The Einstein Factor is all about implementing simple, yet astonishingly effective, creativity techniques to come up with highly original ideas and inventions. The most important of all is what Win Wenger, a renowned educator and innovator in his own right, called the Image Streaming method.

Image Streaming is essentially about tapping into your subconscious mind’s innate stream of consciousness that you have intentionally learnt to block out over the years, such that you are consistently overwhelmed with images, colors, ideas, memories and so forth. It is almost like going into a dreaming state, except that you are fully awake and describing your experiences in real time to a person or an audio recorder. Once you gain practice at Image Streaming, essentially practice at unblocking your mental filters, it can be overwhelming and revealing to tap into that unlimited font of originality and innovation that is your subconscious mind. For an inventor looking to expand their inventive creativity, Image Streaming is a powerful tool.

Win Wenger provides easy to follow instructions on how to get into the Image Streaming mindset and how to get through any stumbling blocks created through years of suppressing our streams of consciousness.

Once you become adept at general Image Streaming (which doesn’t take long for most people), you can then use some of the more advanced techniques to direct it at any particular direction you choose. In my case, as in yours, it will most likely be coming up with new inventions and invention ideas.

The more advanced techniques offered in The Einstein Factor┬áinclude ‘Beachheading’, a way to transport yourself to a parallel universe filled with inventions for you to bring back home to earth, and ‘Borrowed Genius’, a way for you to mould yourself into Einstein or any genius of your choice and see the world through an inventor’s eyes. It also offers you with the opportunity to develop your own toolbox to find ways, that most suit your psychology and needs, to invent and become an inventor in the true sense of the word.

I’ve used the techniques from this book for over a decade, and am always amazed by the inventions and innovations it produces. Moreover, it provides me the ability to think originally about the world, to think visually, and to have some fun while being creative.