10 Things That Should Be Invented

Yes there are plenty of existing inventions in the world, many of which we may never have a use for (such as pet sunglasses). But that doesn’t mean we should limit our imaginations and hold back on new things that should be invented. Some of these are actually in progress, others are distant dreams, and some are just plain wacky.

So here is our list of 10 things that should be invented:

1. Dream Recording Device


The average person has between 4-7 dreams per night. But most of them are not remembered, or forgotten moments after waking. So wouldn’t it be nice to be able to record your dreams and play them back in 3D High Definition the next day? Imagine if you could simply set your dream Tivo to activate when it picks up that you are in REM Sleep (where dreams come from).

You could even filter them by category: funny, scary, adult-rated, and so forth. If your dream is really good then you could upload it to YouTube or broadcast it, or even produce a movie about it.

Of course there are many dreams that you may not want to remember, so the dream recording invention would simply delete it.

2. Self-Cleaning Clothes


This invention’s not too far away, and is likely to appear in our lifetime. Engineers in China have invented a method to get clothes to self-clean themselves when exposed to sunlight. All thanks to nanotechnology.

So instead of wasting time washing your clothes, you could simply go for a walk in the park. Good exercise and clean clothes all in one.

By why not tae this invention a bit further. Non-creasing clothes. Besides not cleaning your clothes ever again, you wouldn’t need to iron them either. An hour a day saved at least.

3. Instant Food 

Imagine having a Netflix for food? You see a screen displaying a menu that allows you to select from thousands of dishes, as well as any fast food joint you can think of. Hungry for a Big Mac but don’t feel like collecting it? Just select it from the menu and have your 3D Printer print it for you. Want to snack on an artistically shaped pastry that tastes exactly like the one from a patisserie in France?  Your 3D Printer will print it for you in under a minute. Delicious.

4. Permanent Puppies


Puppies are cute (by design). That’s why we all fall in love with them (we are programmed to look after something cute like a puppy or a baby). But after a while they grow up. We still love them but they’re not nearly as cute. So we get another puppy or kitten and the cycle continues.

So how about inventing a breed of dog that never grows up? A permanent puppy.

It stays small, cute and adorable all its life. But you still have to feed it (it’s not a toy).


5.  Wound Healing Cream

creamSurely one day they’re going to invent a way to heal cuts and wounds significantly faster. Some kind of material that you just rub onto a wound (or a super-plaster of sorts), and within minutes the wound is healed and there are no scars.

It would have to involve a highly anti-bacterial substance, as well as a means to keep the wound moist, and a means to repair the skin and close the wound.


6. The Cure For The Common Cold

common-cold-cureHere’s one that we all can hopefully agree upon. We’re living in the twenty-first century, and yet there is still no cure for the common cold. A cold brings you down: it makes you snivel and sniff and all congested for days.

And no one wants to get near you. There’s nothing pleasant about it. So surely one of the things that should be invented, and fast, is the cure for the common cold.

I mean how difficult can this be? Far more difficult things have been discovered before!

7. Infinitely Flavorsome Chewing Gum

chewing-gumSo you’re chewing your gum. Chewing and chewing. You’re really enjoying the flavor: it’s fresh, pungent, rich and sometimes even a bit spicy. And after a few minutes it’s gone, evaporated. You might as well be chewing on a piece of rubber; it tastes just the same. That’s why we say that someone should invent infinitely flavorsome chewing gum.

You can chew for hours if you like, and it will still have exactly the same flavor on the 100th minute as on the first.

Scientists, get chewing on this idea.

8. Batteryless Devices

batteryless-devicesOne of the most painful things in the world is your mobile phone going dead. Especially when you’re out, with no access to a charger, and you need to receive a text or make a phone call. And smartphones are particularly bad at battery life. The problem is the very concept of the battery that requires an external electric power source to charge it.

In fact scientists are working on this very thing. A team from Georgia Institute of Technology have invented a way for devices to self-power based on body movements. This would be perfect for medical devices that are embedded inside the body, but also for mobile phones, radios and other things that require constant charging.

9. Non-Hangover Alcohol

hangoverNot sure how well this one would fly; some people love bragging about how drunk they got the night before. But others would love to enjoy alcohol without feeling incredibly hung-over the next day.

So imagine if they came up with a substance that could be added to the alcohol that had absolutely no effect on the taste, but made you feel all jolly and well-rested the next day.

Problem with this is that it might encourage people to drink even more. Hmm…let’s move onto the next one.

10. Oxygen Particle Extractor

oxygenOk I’m not sure how possible this is. But that’s the whole point of being inventive and creative: it’s to go beyond the possible. So this idea is a means to prevent the need to have a cumbersome and heavy oxygen tank with you when you dive in the ocean. Besides that, there’s always the worry that it might run out.

So the idea is this: extract, in real time, the Oxygen particle from the Hydrogen particles as you breathe it in. This allows you to stay underwater for as long as you want, without worrying about having to come up (ok you’ll need to come up at some point, I guess).

In Conclusion

Well that’s it folks, the 10 things that should be invented. We hope that gets your imagination buzzing.